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Home Appliances

Akar Rulman functions as the main bearing supplier for the largest domestic and global home appliances manufacturers here in Turkey. Due to the high demand for linear motion products and rotational bearings, we’ve been able to serve our customers with great quantities and satisfaction.

Like in many other industries, long lasting maintenance periods and intricate production planning means that we cannot afford any mistakes when it comes to supplying bearings. Therefore Akar Rulman carefully plans and organizes yearly stock, which means that we are by our customers’ side whenever urgent demands may arise.

Out of our many brands applicable for this industry, our THK brand jumps ahead. As THK is the go-to OEM part manufacturer for many global brands, we maintain an advantageous position when it comes to supplying these products for maintenance etc.

Besides our regular product range, we’re also able to import sporadic products if need be.


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