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Dental / Medical

With GRW’s high precision miniature ball bearings, we’ve been able to supply the Dental & Medical industries for over 15 years now. GRW has been the perfect partner for us in this field as they’re quite keen on sensitivity and high precision !

The most important aspect of Dental equipment development is perhaps determining the OEM components within the system. And in that aspect, Akar Rulman has established itself as a clear front-runner whether it be with state or private companies.

We’re also proud of being one of the most prefered suppliers when it comes to the Medical industry and the production of pharmaceutical-medical equipment.

Our partner GRW also happens to be the main supplier of these global brands: Bien Air, W&H, Sirona, KAVO, NSK, SCHICK DENTAL, MK-dent, CHIRANA Medical, SINOL, BRAUN, WITTENSTEIN. These global references prove once again that we’ve got the perfect partner to meet all of your Dental-Medical bearing needs !

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