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Self Lubricating Bushes

Akar Rulman offers its customers high-performance products of the Permaglide brand, of which it is the distributor in the Self-Lubricated Bushings group.

Self Lubricating Bushings adjust the position of the transported components relative to each other and ensure the accuracy of the movement by establishing a relationship between them.

These products tolerate high mechanical loads and extend their service life thanks to the minimal wear they provide throughout the movement.

Self Lubricating Bushings can be used very efficiently in three different systems in terms of operation method.

Dry-run and maintenance-free plain bearings

Grease-lubricated and low-maintenance plain bearings

Plain bearings operating according to various principles of hydrodynamics

In this way, oil-lubricated plain bearings keep the reliability at the optimum level, especially in calculation methods, with the help of modern technology.

The amount of grease applied during installation is sufficient for the entire service life. If a grease-lubricated plain bearing is used, subsequent lubrication is recommended under severe conditions. Programmed relubrication at correct intervals significantly extends service life.

Where the use of lubrication, oil or grease is not possible or permitted, maintenance-free dry-running plain bearings are preferred. In these environments, special maintenance-free functional models or low-maintenance plain bearings are also used.

The usage areas of plain bearings are as follows;

  • Automobile (Wiper, seat movement mechanisms, exhaust control valves etc.)
  • Construction
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Buildings
  • Hydraulic engineering
  • Industrial gears
  • Cranes and mobile lifting platforms
  • Agricultural Technology
  • Engine manufacture
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Production machines
  • Pumps
  • Rail systems
  • Door handles, hydraulics and hinges, automatic sunroof and window systems and awnings
  • Agricultural products and Tractors

drill etc. hand tools
excavator etc. Business Machines
They are hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.
With our PERMAGLIDE brand, which is the world’s best-known manufacturer in its field, we can offer countless options, high-quality and economical price options together.

Permanent interchangeability 1 x 106 switching operations

Switching rate t <= 100/50 ms (on /To)

Max. Acceleration a = 50g (in shock test)

a = 40g (in continuous operation)

– Shut-off check valve ARV

Permaglide PAP P147

Working temperature: 180°C

Lifespan: 1×105

Switching loops with temperature coating

– Shock absorber: P141 and P209 bushings

– Common rail: P141 and P209 bushings

– Pedal Systems: P14 bushings and flange bushes

– Windshield wipers: Bushings and flange bushes of P147

– Seat adjustment systems: P141 and P209 bushings and flange bushes

– Exhaust control valves

Bushings and flange bushes P141

Common features of all these applications

  • High hardness
  • Maintenance-free or low-maintenance
  • Availability for use in narrow spaces
  • Low friction
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