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Tool Holders & Collets

In cooperation with Akar Rulman and RBC – SCHAUBLIN, we supply Swiss made Tool Holders and Collets to many sectors. With more than 100 years of experience of our manufacturing companies and worldwide supply chains, we not only offer qualified products to our users, but also provide “know how” support and consultancy. In addition, we offer Special Design and Customized Tool Holder & Collets to our customers, as in many of our products, according to the project requirements.

SCHAUBLIN Tool Holders and Collets, which are in the product range of Akar Rulman, are preferred in many sectors. Among industrial applications, packaging machines, textile machines and printing machines stand out. In addition, these products are preferred in the automotive, aerospace and defense industries in an integrated manner with numerous components, especially suspension elements.

  • SCHAUBLIN Tool Holders and Collets for Machining Machines
  • SCHAUBLIN Tool Holders and Collets for Automotive and Automotive Supply Industry
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