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Thin Section Ball Bearings

Thin Section Bearings are highly precise and optimally designed bearings that contribute to downsizing, weight savings and torque loss reduction of robots, gimbal systems, construction equipment and industrial machinery.


Thin Section Bearings have low friction, highly efficient power transmission and smooth turning performance. They show high-performance under shock loads and continuous heavy loads.

Thin Section Bearings are durable, long-lasting and highly reliable bearings. Reliability, sustainability and efficiency are important and necessary qualities for all industries. To meet these requirements, Akar Rulman can supply its customers with bearings that offer both long life and high reliability.

The bearing load capacities of these bearings, which are produced with the most advanced materials, are greatly increased and their lifetimes are extended.

Akar Rulman is able to meet all the needs of its customers with the brands RBC, SSB and TIMKEN, of which it is the distributor in the Thin Section Bearing group.

Akar Rulman, with its strong brands, allows you to supply thin section ball bearings with many different grease/coating options depending on the application requirements. Greases that can provide high speed, low torque, are resistant to moisture, specially designed for high temperature and oscillating motion are supplied. Dry film application is also among the optional lubrication options.

In particular, RBC Slim section ball bearings can be customized to meet the demanding requirements of your application.

RBC manufactures thin section ball bearings from SAE 440C stainless steel to provide corrosion resistance. As an alternative to CRES rings, the entire surface of the rings can be coated with nodular fine dense chromium (TDC). Meeting AMS 2438, this coating provides a molecular bond that does not exfoliate, peel, or separate from the base material. Custom RBC thin section ball bearings are manufactured from 300 series stainless steel, 17-4PH and other metals. Some special ball materials include CRES 440C, 300 series stainless steel, silicon nitride and M50 steel.

The designs of thin section bearings save weight, create space, increase design flexibility and provide excellent running accuracy. Able to meet the toughest demands, these bearings are often used in high-tech applications such as aerospace, medical systems, robotics, astronomy instrumentation and machine tools.

Save weight, create space, reduce friction, increase design flexibility and provide excellent running accuracy.

Contact Akar Rulman when a bearing solution is needed in aviation, medical systems (medical), robotics, astronomy instrumentation and machine tools.

  • RBC - SSB - TIMKEN Thin Section Bearings for the Defense and Aerospace Industry
  • RBC - SSB - TIMKEN Thin Section Bearings for Tekstile Sector
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