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One-Way (Sprug) Clutches

A One-Way or “Sprag” Clutches is a component that resembles Roller Bearings in appearance but locks itself when moved in the opposite direction instead of providing rotational movement freely (bidirectional) in functionality.

GMN brand One-Way Clutches, which Akar Rulman has been the distributor of for many years, has cams positioned at a certain angle and thus controls the movement in one direction. Contrary to what it should be, when faced with a force in the opposite direction, it either locks itself or disengages the clutch. These clutches are designed with the aim of maximum torque lifting capability, and the cams inside and their overall design vary according to the targeted torque level.

These clutches are frequently used in automotive, construction machinery and similar applications.

  • GMN One-Way (Sprug) Clutches for Automotive and Automotive Supply Industry
  • GMN One-Way (Sprug) Clutches for the Machine Building Industry
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