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Miniature Ball Screws

Miniature Ball Screws is another product group that Akar Rulman has recently expanded its supply capability to a very comprehensive dimension. These components, which are often used with electric motors or drives, create linear driving motion. Unlike large industrial type ball screws, these products are highly sensitive and require serious expertise to manufacture.

SCREWTECH brand is Akar Rulman’s custom solution partner for miniature ball screw requirements. These miniature ball screws are precision engineered products that can have a nut diameter of up to 4mm. In addition, our experienced engineer staff, thanks to their sectoral expertise in this product group, not only provides support in terms of design, but also offers coating options suitable for the requirements of the applications to the users. These special specifications make our products highly suitable and unique for defense and aerospace applications.

  • SCREWTECH Precision Miniature Ball Screws for the Defense and Aerospace industry
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