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As part of the Rexnord group of brands, a relatively new addition to the Akar Rulman ecosystem, TOLLOK offers a unique alternative for coupling requirements. Unlike conventional coupling systems, TOLLOK Taper Locks connect shaft components without any wear or tear on the surfaces. These locks provide 360° contact on shaft surfaces where high torque is applied. Also known as conical tightening, when these locks are tightened after contact, a radial expansion occurs and a very robust, resistant assembly is realized. In the resulting mechanism, the forces are countered by the contact of the conical surfaces with the inner and outer rings of the lock.

Akar Rulman has tested TOLLOK brand Locking Assemblies in many fields of activity such as robotics, drilling machines, packaging machines, motors, automation and compression and achieved successful results.

  • Tollok / Rexnord Locking Assemblies for Automotive and Automotive Supply Industry
  • Tollok / Rexnord Locking Assemblies for the Machinery Manufacturing Industry
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