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Linear Motion Products

Linear Systems refer to a very wide ecosystem in which Akar Rulman has been specializing for many years and achieved great milestones. The linear systems group, which has different types and terms among many brands, appears in almost every sector and in every application. Akar Rulman offers its customers sustainable solutions with high-quality and optimal delivery times in the field of linear systems where demand is very high.

Akar Rulman can respond to all Linear System demands with linear system brands such as THK and NB (NIPPON). THK and NB are Japanese companies that produce the following product groups in different material types and in different sizes.

  • Guide Ball Bushing
  • Linear Rail & Guide
  • Ball Screw
  • Ball Spline
  • Actuator
  • Telescopic Rail
  • LM Roller
  • Cross Roller Guide
  • Various boutique products

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