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Mining and Metallurgy

The Mining and Metallurgy industry is usually a good indicator of how developed a nation is. Developed countries usually share aspects like advancements in technology and standard of living. The mining and metallurgy industries have proven to be a good indicator for these advancements throughout the entire globe. Mining provides raw material possibilities that later turn into essential products for mankind. These industries take up a unique spot in economies whether it be by the direct or indirect effects it achieves for their respective economies.

Demand for bearings play a huge part in these sectors so Akar Rulman has taken all the necessary precautions in order to better serve our nations’ esteemed mining & metallurgy end users as a trusted supplier.

We’re focused on determining the correct products to overcome the rough working conditions and nature of these “harsh” industries.

Some of the sector-oriented products we offer include: High precision bearings with high resistance to vibration, conveyor bearings, insulated bearings, heavy-duty metric and inch sized bearings, custom maintenance-free bushings, insulated LM products, air-cooled and water-cooled housed units etc.

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