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Automotive and Automotive Supply Industry

The mostly recognized Japanese and important German automotive manufacturers in the sector are the direct users of our brand THK.

Our other similar product range is maintenance-free spherical plain bearings, rod ends and ball joints which are produced for heavy land vehicles, tractors, from the brands RBC (USA) and UNIBAL (SWISS).

These two brands are preferred by serious automotive manufacturers all around the world as well. It has even been used in several Formula 1 and WRC cars. These brands are preferred because they have heavy load capacities, excellent shock absorption capabilities and a maintenance-free nature.

In the fields of truck and tow truck production, it emerges with link balls, pivot bearings and other rod ends for suspension systems.

One of our expert brands in this sector is Permaglide (MS- Motor Service) by Rheinmetall. They specialize in automotive components like bushings, shims, piston rods, springs, plates and many other niche products. All of the aforementioned products conform to EU norms and regulations. They also contain appropriate coating and grease options.

With our Permaglide brand, we can respond with quality and price equilibrium principal.

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