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Bearings are a part of our daily lives whether it be in the furniture we use in our homes to the cars we use on the road. Bearings have become key machine components which almost all industries are in need of.

Because these bearings have such a vast area of usage, this has lead Akar Rulman to expand its product range in parallel with the ever-increasing demand. Nowadays we’re comfortably able to respond to the needs of the following industries: Defense, Aerospace, Machine Tools, Iron & Steel,Textile, Automation, Railway Transportation, Automotive, Home Appliances, Cement, Food, Mining-Metallurgy, Dental-Medical.

Akar Rulman has carefully created a network of top-notch suppliers according to their abilities to meet demands in specific industries. Nowadays in stead of having to “make do” we are able to provide industry specific solutions that were otherwise impossible, especially in our domestic market. The ability to recommend the most suitable bearings from the most appropriate brands has led to us completing many wonderful projects with great success.