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SCHAUBLIN SA. was founded in 1915 in Switzerland by Charles Schaublin. Charles, who had a passion for mechanics and engineering, directed his production activities to tool holders and collets in 1924. Having exceeded all expectations and achieved extraordinary growth over time, Schabulin joined RBC France, the solution partner of Akar Rulman, in 2000.

SCHAUBLIN tool holders and collets, which have become the standard in OEM and MRO uses all over the world, have been meeting with their users in Turkey in recent years with the assurance of Akar Rulman. Today, many products, from the phones we use to our cars, become reality through these benches. Various cutting, grinding or drilling techniques form the first production step in almost every production line. SCHAUBLIN tool holders and collets are often used in these CNC applications and other machine tools to fix and “hold” cutters and other machine elements. Since these tool holders and collets directly affect the precision and accuracy of the machines, even the slightest margin of error cannot be tolerated. This is exactly why Akar Rulman prefers Schaublin products. In this way, we can guarantee flawless and long-lasting performance even in the most sensitive applications that our customers need.

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