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Ball Transfer Units

Akar Rulman is the distributor of OMNITRACK, which has more than 100 years of experience, OMNITRACK can even be considered the inventor of Ball Transfer Units. The working principle of Ball Transfer Units is to provide 360°, i.e. omnidirectional movement, instead of providing uniquely radial or axial movement. These products are highly efficient in any production line that requires conveyor, manufacturing and manual operation. In addition, OMNITRACK developed and patented heavy-duty ball transfer units in 1954.

  • Operating temperature between -20 and +150 degrees
  • Load carrying capacity up to 8000 Kg
  • Parking Brake feature
  • Rust resistance
  • OMNITRACK Tabletop Transfer Balls for Automotive and Automotive Supply Industry
  • OMNITRACK Tabletop Transfer Balls for the White Goods Industry
  • OMNITRACK Tabletop Transfer Balls for the Machinery Industry
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